How To Get Rid Of Eczema

Foods That Cause Eczema

Certain foods may trigger an outbreak of eczema and the most common food allergens that cause these flare-ups are dairy products, eggs, peanuts and wheat products. A recent study in the Journal Of Investigative Dermatology looked into the foods that cause eczema, and found that eczema-related food allergies are most commonly associated with these three foods, in the following order:

  1. Egg white (most common)
  2. Cow’s milk
  3. Peanuts

Shellfish and soy may represent some of the other usual culprits in atopic dermatitis, although as you can see from this list, people can be allergic to a lot of things! The length of time that it can take before an outbreak occurs after eating any of these foods can vary from a few hours to anything up to 24 hours.

An eczema outbreak is usually caused by an allergy to these foods. A food allergy can manifest in a number of ways and a flare up of eczema may be an example of this. Food allergy testing can determine whether there is an allergy to one of these foods in the person suffering from eczema. It has been suggested that because of the strong link between eczema and food allergies, that allergy testing should be offered to children that have been diagnosed with eczema in order to try and prevent outbreaks occurring.

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To eliminate eczema through diet, if it is suspected that any of these foods are causing an outbreak of eczema then they should be removed from the diet to see if the eczema improves. This can be a problem in young children as they may require the nutrients that these types of food provide. Cutting cow’s milk from their diets, for example, could mean that they are not getting enough calcium. A healthcare professional should be consulted before making changes to any diet or trying to deal with food intolerance.

Food management is not usually considered to be of the main home remedies for eczema. However, eczema can be successfully managed, and avoiding foods that may trigger an outbreak is a large part of this. When eczema does occur in children the symptoms are likely to improve as they get older and may have disappeared altogether by the time they reach adulthood. On the home page you’ll find many other useful tips for battling eczema with your diet.

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