How To Get Rid Of Eczema

Eczema Treatment For Babies

Eczema in babies generally starts around the age of six months and can be frustrating for parents that are unsure how to treat it. Eczema can present in babies as young as two months as well (“infant eczema”). Many parents may worry they are doing something wrong or are using skin care products that are causing skin rashes. However, learning more about eczema treatment for babies can help you make the choices that would be most soothing and healing for your little one.

Clothing And Bedding Materials Matter

The itchy dry skin associated with eczema can be extremely uncomfortable, especially in babies. Babies have sensitive skin and conditions like eczema can become worse due to this sensitivity. Taking care to provide gentle soothing is important for your baby to be comfortable. The clothing you choose for your baby should be light weight and not suffocating. Heat generated underneath clothing can make existing eczema worse. The same is also true about bedding you choose for your baby’s crib. Avoid choosing woolen or knit blankets and always remember to avoid allowing your little one on carpets or rugs when playing.

Ruling Out Allergies

Some eczema in babies is caused from allergies to certain foods. Talking to your child’s pediatrician about keeping a food journal is a good idea. Food journals can help you eliminate foods that may be causing rashes similar to eczema. Foods like peanuts and some dairy products can cause allergic reactions that can be serious, so making sure your baby is not suffering from an allergy is an important step in treating eczema.

Prescribed And Over The Counter Medications

Eczema causes the kind of itching that can be maddening. Babies scratching their skin can cause skin infections to occur and lifelong scarring as well. Many pediatricians prescribe steroidal creams for eczema relief. Some over the counter skin moisturizers like aloe vera are great for relieving itching also. However, be sure to discuss any skin cream you are considering with your child’s pediatrician before using it.

Warm Water And Milk Baths

Bath time for your baby can be a wonderful experience and especially so if your baby is suffering with itchy skin issues. Remember to only place baby into warm water, not too hot. Water that is too hot can cause eczema to become irritated, increasing the chances for pain in addition to worsening itch. Bathing your baby in an all-natural, soothing milk bath can help to temporarily relieve itching. Mix a cup of dried milk with one half cup of cornstarch and add to bath for a creamy, soothing and safe remedy.

Nothing can be harder for parents than trying to make their baby feel better or endure painful medical conditions. However, when it comes to skin issues, making the right choices may mean doing so by trial and error. Visiting your child’s pediatrician on a regular basis is important for making sure you are taking the right steps towards the best eczema treatment for babies. Be sure to discuss with a pediatrician about any natural home remedy you plan to use for your baby to ensure you are not using an ingredient that could cause eczema to get worse, and remember to check our homepage for more info!

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