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How To Get Rid Of Eczema On The Hands

I just recently talked about eczema on the face, but what about eczema on the hands? Hand eczema, medically referred to as hand dermatitis, can be itchy, unsightly and at times painful. Our hands are constantly used which means that eczema can easily worsen. Those with this condition are often faced with dry scaling hands that crack, become red and develop blisters. Although an uncomfortable condition, eczema on hands can be cleared up. Here is how […]

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How To Get Rid Of Eczema On The Face

Those with eczema know that it’s bad enough just having the condition at all. So when patches of dry, itchy, red skin start cropping up on your face, it can feel like getting kicked when you’re already down.   Not My Face!   Unlike other areas of the body like the hands, or legs, it’s incredibly difficult (if not impossible in some cases) to hide eczema on your face. The face is the first thing that […]

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Solid Moisturizers for Treating Eczema

If you’ve done any research on getting rid of eczema, you probably know that effective moisturization is extremely important. While this usually does not provide a “cure” for the disease, it can alleviate some of the symptoms, and improve some of the quality of the skin. On a few occasions, my own eczema has been sent into remission for months after I started a new moisturization routine. It can be a real pain finding new […]

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The Importance Of Sticking With A New Eczema Remedy

If you have eczema then I’m sure you’ve been bombarded by all sorts of remedies and treatments. A friend tells you that going gluten free helped his sister’s eczema. An article you read on the internet tells you to shower less frequently. A doctor tells you to try wet wraps and cold compresses. Some of these remedies can be so daunting! In my last post I discussed bleach baths as a treatment for eczema, a perfect example of […]

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Topical steroid creams for eczema

So in my first post I talked a little about steroid creams and how dangerous they can be. I want to talk about this a little more. Steroid creams have been used to treat inflammatory conditions like eczema for several decades. And they’re extremely effective… at least in the short term. Within a few days (or sometimes even before that) of use symptoms can reduce dramatically. The problem comes with long term, continuous use. Within […]

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