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Eczema Treatment For Babies

Eczema in babies generally starts around the age of six months and can be frustrating for parents that are unsure how to treat it. Eczema can present in babies as young as two months as well (“infant eczema”). Many parents may worry they are doing something wrong or are using skin care products that are causing skin rashes. However, learning more about eczema treatment for babies can help you make the choices that would be […]

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Bleach Baths For Eczema

I wanted to talk about an interesting remedy for eczema that’s gotten a lot of press. In 2009, a study was published in¬†Pediatrics about using bleach to treat eczema in children. Yes, they took the very same chemical found in regular household Clorox, diluted it in a bathtub full of water, and then bathed children suffering from eczema as young as 6 months in it. Amazingly, it worked. After only one month, the kids who […]

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